NFE Toolbox

ArcticFox Configuration


NFE Toolbox allows you to customize your device with your computer for a few minutes.


NFE Toolbox provides full customization capabilities of your device: Profiles, discharge curves, TFR-curves, brightness, buttons actions, etc.


Do you wonder how preheat and temperature control work? Or maybe you just like fancy charts? Then, the Device Monitor is made special for you!



Different settings, from simple to advanced help you make your device ideal.


Three kinds of interface: classical, "Circle" and "Foxy", which can be switched on the fly.


Are you using multiple atomizers with one mod? Profiles created for you! Profiles will be selected automatically when you install previously configured atomizer.


Maximum integration with NFE Toolbox, which allows you to configure device via computer, take screenshots and read device sensors data.


Our firmware supports the following devices:


  • VTC Mini, VTC Dual, VTwo Mini, VTwo, AIO, Basic;
  • Primo, Primo 2.0, Primo Mini, Primo Mini SE;
  • eGrip II / Light;
  • Cuboid, Cuboid Mini, Cuboid 200;


  • Presa TC75W, Presa TC100W;
  • RX75, RX200, RX200S, RX300, RX2/3, RXmini, RX GEN3, RX 20700, RX 21700;
  • Sinuous P80, Predator;


  • iStick TC100W, iStick TC200W, iStick QC 200W, iStick Power 80W, iStick Tria;
  • Pico 75W, Pico Mega, Pico Dual, Pico RDTA, Pico 25, iStick Pico 21700;
  • Aster, Elitar Pipe, iKonn220;


  • Vaporflask: Classic, Lite, Stout;
  • Beyondvape Centurion;
  • La Petite Box;
  • Vapor Shark SwitchBox RX;

More possibilities

Eight customizable profiles; fully controllable preheat, defined either as a percentage of current power, either in the form of absolute values of power or even by the curve; two temperature control modes: TCR and TFR, home screen customization, three kinds of the interface, an expanded menu and much more await you.