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  1. rio fadli Subarkah
    rio fadli Subarkah
    I have coboid mod 3batre can it instal artic fox?
  2. rio fadli Subarkah
  3. Will Burr
    Will Burr
    What is gonna happen wen the all the Joyetec & Wismec mods are gone? I haven't been able to find any dual 18650 joyetecs in awhile now. .
  4. Redivape
    Redivape ReikoKitsune
    Cannabis atomizers that utilize Artic Fox software are quickly growing in popularity. Would it be possible to extend the customizable power curves to the same time as the autofire time?
  5. Gedeon
    i'm a dick at soldering
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  6. Will Burr
    Will Burr
    Can't load on mytri!
  7. ArturShakirov
    I From Russia
    WISMEC Releaux -RX 2/3- and AMMIT Dual Coil Version
    WISMEC Releaux -RX 2/3-
    WISMEC Releaux -RX 2/3-
  11. Stacy W. Fulgham
  12. UserxSubIna
    Saya ingin merubah font/pack articfox af_190624, apakah bisa ?
  13. Bruno92
    Bruno92 ReikoKitsune
    CIAO ..scusa ma non riesco proprio a scaricare questo artik fox,ci sono circa 2 settimane ,quando schiaccio sulle barre del download mi fa solo entrare su questo forum .mi potresti aiutare ??certi mi hanno detto che dovevo solo iscrivermi e che poi trovo i link qua dentro questo forum ,ma non ho trovato niente .....GRAZIE ANTICIPATAMENTE
  14. Dushyant Joshi
    Dushyant Joshi
    I need a screen shooter for my wismec predator 228. As the display is dead however, its firing and updating firmware. So buttons are working
  15. antoha2805
  16. Ha Minh Duc
    Ha Minh Duc ReikoKitsune
    Hello NFE team, I really like your custom vape software, I have some problems that I know that NFE has support for LA Petite and I downloaded the new version but after opening the NToolBox file and connecting the LA Petite USB with PC but it does not recognize my device in puff logs and even other parts you can help me fix this error. Thank you for reading my news
  17. kuze_NEBELWERK
    ...wenig Ohm/...viel Watt
  18. RobertBrooker1967
    Possibly insane and blessed to be here.
  19. Vap's Garage
  20. daddycool
    i havent got a clue