May 4, 2017
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chilling after release ^^ Jun 4, 2017

    1. Vitax235
      помогите я не знаю как тут скачать архивы не могу ни чего понять!!!
    2. Koma74
      Помогите пожалуйста не могу никак обновить свой евик. Пишет устройство не опознано зажимал и шифт и контрал и альт ничего не помогает.
    3. Griffin
      Hello, is there or will there be an Arctic Fox firmware for the Vapecige Creator IM200? I would be very happy about it.
    4. hosct
      Is there any way to send you a press inquiry privately? I tried to start a Conversation but the forum software wouldn't let me.

      Thanks in advance!
    5. Dmitry37
      Здравствуйте. Я прошивал мод eleaf istick ipower 80 arctic fox. Прошивал ArcticFox 180508. Во время прошивки мод отключился и больше не реагирует. не могу включить. Нет соединения с компьютером. Прошу оказать помощь.
    6. slippr
      tcr, tfr and ti stock modes in AF latest (180508.bin) are not sensing accurately on Primo 2.0.

      temps set at below 300F glowing the Titanium wire coil.

      Device name; Joyetech Primo 2.0
      Device hardware version; 1
      ArcticFox version; 180508
      coil(s) setup; single, 2.5mm, contact, titanium grade 1, 24 gauge
      returning to stock immediately corrected this.

      if any necessary info missing here please let me know
    7. Bisyir
      can someone guide me bc i cannot install this
    8. RavageFirmware
      Wismec Ravage230 NFE custom firmware FTW!
    9. noobguy
      Is the last updated AF works well on pico 75w?
      1. ReikoKitsune
        Mar 23, 2018
    10. Coilheadfred
      trying to get a solid vape out of my RX Gen 3. I use a nautilus 2 on top of it. (Yes, I am aware how ridiculous that is. But with how small the device is and how much battery life there is, it just makes sense to me.) it just doesn't hit as well as my X Cube 2. I imagine it is the 510 pin? I also use HG2 batteries in the Rx Gen 3 and I use VTC6 in the X Cube - could that be changing how it hits?
    11. vscorpio
      hello! how can i browse a decrypted arctic fox bin firmware to actually see the code behind the firmware? i'd like to make a custom skin for the firmware but i have no idea whatsoever how to actually edit an existing skin or add a new one on a bin file
    12. kracker
      can i go to my original firmware if i bypassed my board ????
      1. ReikoKitsune
        If i understand you correctly – yes, you can without any problems install original firmware.
        Feb 5, 2018
    13. werz99
      My question:
      Is it allowed to use screenshots and material from the arctic fox forum and github in our german forum EDF ( the former ERF (
      Your firmware is popular within our community and it would be helpful if everybody in our forum could use scrrenshots (official and own) to answer questions and make discussion easier.

      Thank you!
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      2. werz99
        Sorry...I understand when someone uses original material or pictures from the forum there has to be a link of origin. - But is this also necessary when someone posts a screenshot of the software with his own settings to help somebody else? I hope this is more understandable now.
        Jan 18, 2018
      3. ReikoKitsune
        Ah. okay. You may not provide any links to this forum if you are want to share some screenshots or settings.
        I hope it will help ^^
        Jan 21, 2018
      4. werz99
        Thank you!
        Jan 21, 2018
    14. Griffin
      Hello and a Merry Christmas. Is there also an ArticFox software or Ubdate for the VapeCige Creator IM200w?
    15. dil3mm4
      Hi Reiko.
      Please contact me at
      There's a shitstorm going on in italy for the vaping world, and would need help from you.
    16. Viennaboy
      Hi! German language file updated, please use in next release! thanks!
    17. Anddrepjksm
      Hi ReikoKitsune, I mis-updated mod wismec rx mini, and my mod is now dead can not live, and another one on my mod wismec computer is not detected, is there a solution? .a
      if there is a reply to the question I can contact me via email.
      1. xXDarkOneXx
        it happen to me on the Vtwo mini 2 days ago and i just restart my computer and redo the update check also the cable
        Dec 7, 2017
    18. Griffin
      Hello ReikoKitsune, I hope you can help me, I'm new here. I would like to charge the Artic Fox merchandise on my IStick Pico, but I do not know how to download it. Can you please write me how it works?
    19. DEATHARM714
      how am i meant to get the NLauncher to work, every time i click on it it comes up with an error about a .bin file
      1. Adidi
        Hi there, I'd like to answer your question: use commande line with the ArcticFox fimware as parameter (c:\NFETOOLFOLDER\Nlauncher.exe c:\ARCTICFOXFOLDER\af_171024.bin)
        Oct 28, 2017
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    20. davion
      how do i download to mac nfe tools
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