May 4, 2017
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    1. Onishi_EZ
      Why does my rx gen 3 dual cost 0.44 ohms when heated, it changes to 0.3 ohms, and on drag 2 it’s generally 0.19 ohms (this is the real grid resistance). What should I do? Is it possible to reinstall to the factory firmware? Or is there some other way to fix it?
    2. Carlosss
      Hello, does anyone know how to set up own wallpaper on geekvape aegis x? It's a good vape, but it has poor settings. I tried to find something with the HXD program but only know how to change the subtitles and colors.
    3. Redivape
      Cannabis atomizers that utilize Artic Fox software are quickly growing in popularity. Would it be possible to extend the customizable power curves to the same time as the autofire time?
    4. Bruno92
      CIAO ..scusa ma non riesco proprio a scaricare questo artik fox,ci sono circa 2 settimane ,quando schiaccio sulle barre del download mi fa solo entrare su questo forum .mi potresti aiutare ??certi mi hanno detto che dovevo solo iscrivermi e che poi trovo i link qua dentro questo forum ,ma non ho trovato niente .....GRAZIE ANTICIPATAMENTE
    5. Ha Minh Duc
      Ha Minh Duc
      Hello NFE team, I really like your custom vape software, I have some problems that I know that NFE has support for LA Petite and I downloaded the new version but after opening the NToolBox file and connecting the LA Petite USB with PC but it does not recognize my device in puff logs and even other parts you can help me fix this error. Thank you for reading my news
    6. GarnettGaming
      Hello, could you make a build for Cuboid Tap by Joyetech please? Much Thanks
    7. BOPOH'Ok
      Привет Reiko. Что можешь сказать о последней прошивке v180913 лисы? У меня RX2/3 (да и не только у меня и не только на моём аппарате), после установки глюков полный барабан и плюсом комп не видит устройство. Плата рабочая, зарядка рабочая, определяется когда-как, то ноль, то неопознан...
      Как откатится?
      А прошивка, раньше бывшая, шикарная...
    8. robbie skybolt
      robbie skybolt
      hey kitsune i hope you remember me with the rx21700 i was wondering do you think its possible to mess with a GENE chip i got my hands on a x-217 by voopoo and would love to start messing with it
    9. MoDuL
      Hello Reiko, i'm Chris from Greece (done the EL translation if you remember back in the days)
      I have built a vaping software and i was thinking about adding Russian language would you be able to help me with that?

      PM me to send you a link for the project on github.. Thank you in advance.
    10. АндрейAndrey
      Здравствуйте, подскажите пожалуйсто, rx 2/3 в режиме повербанк греется, минут за пять до 71 по цельсию, дальше проверять не стал, тоже самое с istick 200w-но там нет индикации температуры, по ощущениям так же, это норма?
    11. Vitax235
      помогите я не знаю как тут скачать архивы не могу ни чего понять!!!
    12. Koma74
      Помогите пожалуйста не могу никак обновить свой евик. Пишет устройство не опознано зажимал и шифт и контрал и альт ничего не помогает.
    13. Griffin
      Hello, is there or will there be an Arctic Fox firmware for the Vapecige Creator IM200? I would be very happy about it.
    14. hosct
      Is there any way to send you a press inquiry privately? I tried to start a Conversation but the forum software wouldn't let me.

      Thanks in advance!
    15. Dmitry37
      Здравствуйте. Я прошивал мод eleaf istick ipower 80 arctic fox. Прошивал ArcticFox 180508. Во время прошивки мод отключился и больше не реагирует. не могу включить. Нет соединения с компьютером. Прошу оказать помощь.
    16. slippr
      tcr, tfr and ti stock modes in AF latest (180508.bin) are not sensing accurately on Primo 2.0.

      temps set at below 300F glowing the Titanium wire coil.

      Device name; Joyetech Primo 2.0
      Device hardware version; 1
      ArcticFox version; 180508
      coil(s) setup; single, 2.5mm, contact, titanium grade 1, 24 gauge
      returning to stock immediately corrected this.

      if any necessary info missing here please let me know
    17. Bisyir
      can someone guide me bc i cannot install this
    18. RavageFirmware
      Wismec Ravage230 NFE custom firmware FTW!
    19. noobguy
      Is the last updated AF works well on pico 75w?
      1. ReikoKitsune
        Mar 23, 2018
    20. Coilheadfred
      trying to get a solid vape out of my RX Gen 3. I use a nautilus 2 on top of it. (Yes, I am aware how ridiculous that is. But with how small the device is and how much battery life there is, it just makes sense to me.) it just doesn't hit as well as my X Cube 2. I imagine it is the 510 pin? I also use HG2 batteries in the Rx Gen 3 and I use VTC6 in the X Cube - could that be changing how it hits?
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