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    Minimum required ArcticFox version: [P11] ArcticFox 180913

    Firmware Updater
    • Added "Force PID" firmware flashing dialog.


    Read carefully: This is an extremely rarely used feature and is required by owners of defective devices. Very litle amout of devices goes from manufacture with a wrong bootloader. Official firmware will work fine with this devices because of concept: 1 device = 1 firmware (contains hardcoded code to support specified device), while ArcticFox is a universal firmware for many devices. ArcticFox reads device identifier from bootloader and then decides how to work on device. So, you are already starting to guess what will happen when ArcticFox will be installed on device with a "bad" bootloader – nothing good. Device will not work properly or will not work at all. To provide an ability to use ArcticFox firmware even with a defective devices we are created technique named "Force PID". This technique will telling to the ArcticFox how it should work on your device, overriding device identifier specified by user.

    If you you are an owner of the healthy device you should forget about this feature, because it useless for you.
    If you are unlucky and you won a device with a "bad" bootloader now you will be able to install ArcticFox firmware in a regular way. To do that you will need to hold down CTRL+SHIFT+ALT buttons on your keyboard while you are selecting firmware file. If you did everything right, then after you selected the file a window will appear and then you may to choose correct PID of your device.


    Best regards, your NFE Team!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.