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    Today I have a good mood, so let's get started.

    Minimum required ArcticFox version: [P12] ArcticFox 190611
    Minimum required ArcticFox version: [P2] RedPanda 190611

    Puffs Log

    New workspace designed to monitor and collect detailed vaping statistics.

    How to:
    1. First and major step: puffs log should be activated manually via new 'Puffs Log' workspace in the NToolbox;
      There are 3 available states:
      • Active — puffs log is active and it will gather info about each your puff;
      • Suspended — as is. You may manually suspend gathering or device will automatically switch to this state when statistics capacity was exhausted.
      • Disabled — default state (statistics gathers in regular way). Switching to this state will erase all gathered earlier data.
    2. After activation you may vape as you do before. Firmware will do all magic for you.
    3. To get vaping statistics all you need is to connect the device to a PC and run 'Puffs Log' in the NToolbox.
    4. You may also export your data to a CSV file using corresponding 'Export' button.
    5. The captain obvious here :) 'Erase' will do exactly what it says - erase all the collected data.

    Some nice screenshots to fill the space ;)




    ArcticFox / RedPanda Configuration
    • Puffs cut-off now configures using integers.
    Device recognition
    • Added recognition for the following devices:
      • Wismec ES300;
      • MyVapors myTri;
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