Charging & Overtemp (again^^)

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    On a regular basis, I see boxes be burnt by USB charging, regardless of the firmware. I checked the base firmware (myevic uses the same logic), and the overtemp event just causes the box to stop firing if it does so, but do not care about USB charge. I really thing it also should stop charging for a while.

    I had no time really to check what you've done with the question of overtemp when charging over USB; by searching on the forum, I just found an advice to reduce the max amp to something. It's obvioulsly wise, but only if your box did not die already^^

    I suggest, if it's not done yet, to correlate the charge power (or charge all by itself) to the temperature. I think it would save many lives.

    Keep up the good work.
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    Thanks for suggestion. Such protection is already in use for a long time, charging stops completely if temperature is too high. Perhaps it really makes sense to add a condition for reducing the charging current as the temperature approaches this threshold.

    Upd. uploaded to nightly builds.
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