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    Hey guys, been using Arctic Fox on my primo mini for a couple of years with 0 issues. I recently updated to the newest build and am now getting a coil resistance of 0.57 (coil is actually 0.45). I checked the coil against my ohm meter and on three other devices, all of which give a resistance of 0.45 or 0.46. I figured "oh well" and went back to a previous iteration, which now gives me a reading of 0.33. If I use any build before 180227 I get a bad reading of 0.33, and if I use any build after the release of 180227 I get a bad reading of 0.57.

    Any ideas?

    Device: Evic Primo Mini
    Atty: Aromamizer Supreme 2.0

    UPDATE: After much searching and tinkering I think I have a makeshift solution. I changed the HW version, which caused the atty to always show the high number of .57, regardless of firmware version. Then set the shunt to 85%. This allows me to have the newest firmware and device is reading atomizer as 0.47 which is close enough for me. So I think it was a combination of the HW ver being wrong and the known problem with the primo where it's not making a good ground connection.
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