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    My 2nd VTC mini is in bad shape. I will have to replace the button soon. So why not use that VTC dual I put away?

    I loaded af_190624, it is HW v1.0. To my surprise resistance is read wrong. Many times I see 1.2ohms and when I press the button it is only .60. TC never works because it reads lower ohms when I hit the button and ohms only rise .2-.3 then stop counting. Protection is never reached.

    Sometimes after I leave it alone for a while it will work correctly for a short time then go back to this behavior.
    I had problems with this series because the clock broke on 2 units. So I put it away and now TC is gone.

    Is it a HW issue? SW issue? I ordered a few RX75 because supported mods are getting very hard to find.
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    the VTC dual is that one, that came with two battery shells (one or two battery use) right?
    I would suggest to check and clean every contact surface of each part.
    Check if the parts stil fit together properly.
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