Geekvape Aegis Legend/ Legend X/Legend 2 upgrades

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    These 3 geekvape mods are able to have firmware updates. Only geekvape provides such. Not any firmware geekvape offers will improve anything. Someone needs to make some firmware to give some real customizations. Even if all the firmware did was to let you change that terrible 10sec time out to 20 secs, id be happy if ONLY that was able to be changed. In otherworldly, if new firmware changed nothing but doubled timeout to 20 sec, that would be enough. If new firmware only addressed this, that would be awesome!!!!. These mods have great TCR temp control but that timeout, while 10 secs may be great for juice...for dabbing, esp in a quartz cup, heat up time takes up that entire 10 sec period...This aspect sucks!!!. It is this timeout that your firmware fixes in a Drag 2 or your other supported mods.. Do you think geekvape owners DONT want that changed too..OF COARSE WE DO. That time out sucks. You may think it's the ability to graph your mods performance in real time and the plethora of other things but your not aware that 97% of those going to your firmware is ONLY to change this timeout. No one cares how the currant goes up as you draw harder on the mouth piece. People get Arctic Fox to eliminate that timeout or lengthen it. Sorry to burst your bubble... Kill time out and ill GLADLY PAY FOR THIS FIRMWARE. THIS IS HOW BADLY IT AFFECTS MY EXPERIENCE. Are you in bed with these other manufacturers to help there sales because there customers can have that timer adjusted while other mod owners cant...this will cause geekvape owners to switch because this is how badly this timeout feature sucks. If I knew I couldn't change it I'd have def bought another brand that Artic Fox supports. So weather you meant to or not..the companies you support are getting more sales and enjoying a surge in profits because your firmware fixes the things the dabbing community wants. It may be fine for juice but I don't roll like that.
    If someone made firmware that ONLY allowed that damn timer to be extended..I'd be happy, (as would many others). Can't someone fix this 1 damn thing..??? These use a SN cpu & I don't know what revision of that cpu is used?
    If I could code better, I'd gladly do it. Do these mods use Java? C++? What the hell do they use??. I don't know where to begin. Its these 3 mods are the only 3 that firmware is made for by geekvape. Supposedly there other mods are not able to have update/grades.
    Anyone willing to try on the 3 that do accept firmware?. On reddit there is quite a bit of frustrated geekvape owners that are basically satisfied save just a couple things. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks!! Just putting this out there.
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    Wow :) so many emotions.
    But tell me, what does Geekvape have to do with us?
    Embedded C ;)
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    So why don't you have a crack at it???
    Have in mind these guys make the AF/RP in their spare time and offer it for free...
    If you want to have a runt, why not address it to Geek Vape who f***ed up in the first place!!!
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