Gen3 grounding

Discussion in 'Issues' started by mmirgkaz, May 10, 2019.

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    May 10, 2019
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    Hello forum, I've been using arctic fox on my gen3 for awhile now, but never signeed up on the forums. I dropped it a few months ago and broke the battery door, I pulled the board out and kept it . Since then i've gotten a 3d printer and a 3s lipo (even 30 amp 18650s couldnt handle a 300 watt build, not to mention the additional losses in the chip). My plan is to print a new case for it and the lipo

    I read that there was issues with atomizer grounding (which is probably why it never worked in temp control mode) and so my question is, did NFE have to include those same tolerances into arctic fox? If I wire it up with a standard 510 connector and grounding wire, will my reading be wrong because of some offset? Should I just throw the chip away and use my shiny new lipo with a few mosfets or a pwm chip? Is anyone still reading this? Thanks for any info/advice, cheers!