How do I define custom firmware definitions?

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    Apr 9, 2021
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    I am trying to modify firmware for my <insert unsupported device that isnt smok here> vape.
    The firmware is written for the NuMicro NUC029SGE CRU. I have reverse engineered it to an extent and I want to modify backgrounds and other bitmaps using NFirmwareEditor.

    Looking at the included defs, can somebody explain what they actually mean and how they are found?

    Template definition :
    <FirmwareDefinition Name="vape name and version here">
        <Marker Offset="0x90" Bytes="0xA1 0x1D" /> //what is this?
        <Marker Offset="0xC0" Bytes="0x99 0x74" /> //and this?
        <ImageTable1 From="0xCCB0" To="0xD0C0" /> //??
        <ImageTable2 From="0xAC94" To="0xB0A4" /> //??
        <StringTable1 From="0xD1C4" To="0xD399" TwoBytesPerChar="true" /> //??
        <StringsPreviewCorrection ForGlyphs="0x88 0x91 0x9A" /> //??
    If someone can help me out, that would be great!

    I feel like there should already be documentation on this, but there isn't :(

    Thanks in advance.