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    May 22, 2017
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    Come voi tutti Italiani sapete si sta varando un emendamento per la tassazione e la monopolizzazione di tutti i prodotti rilegati all'e-cig.
    Qui ( la petizione da firmare che spiega tutto.

    Sorry to bother you guys, and I know that it's not the right place, but Italian vaping world it's in need of help.

    Our governement it's trying to kill the vaping world adding extra taxes on e-liquids (0,39€ per ml), on vaping devices and avoiding Italian resellers to sell all this equipment online.
    The worst thing it's that private users will not be able to buy things on-line from external sources (like gearbest and others) but only from governement smoke shops.
    They're putting their dirty hands on vaping monopolizing it, destroying free marketing opportunities and our health.

    We're in need of help, from everybody around the world.

    We've started a campagin on at this [link](, please if you can, share it on Russian/Japan/French/spanish (basically everywhere) e-cig related forums, every sign could be critical for us.

    Thanks for your attention.

    On a side note, if I'm not allowed to do that on this forum, please @maelstrom2001 @ReikoKitsune , remove this post.
    If you're okay with that, please, share with us in Russian to support our problem.
    We need help from all around the world.