New Production Pico 75W Mods - Beware

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    Eleaf is making a new and "upgraded" version of the original Pico 75W but with USB-C instead of Micro USB and also made changes on the PCB/MCU/FIrmware. The body and screen are exactly the same but has USB-C instead and new internals and firmware. It is claimed by some users and by a vendor I came across that these newer production Pico 75W mods are not Arctic Fox compatible like the original units with Micro USB ports. So if you are in the market for a Pico 75W and want to run AF on it, make sure you are buying the older ones with Micro USB. These are becoming more scarce than ever as Eleaf is no longer producing them since they have "upgraded" it (meaning, they downgraded it :D)

    To be clear, I am not referring to the Pico 2 or Pico Plus or any other new Pico models. I'm referring to the original Pico 75W but with USB-C port instead of Micro USB.
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