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    Hi all, firstly thank you for this amazing firmware and toolbox. I used it with satisfaction on my istick tc100 and now got a ravage230 just for red panda and is amazing and beautiful with such display. I was thinking how could be useful to have nfe tools or even alone the device monitor on our phones. We could use a simple otg adapter to connect the box. Obviously I said Android because is the os I use but for iOS should be the same. I know that you all are a lot busy and so I am but I could try to write some code in my free time but I should know the protocol. I've never written anything on Android but I know Java and shouldn't be a big step from one to the other. Thank you again and please do not stop developing this amazing software but if someday you'll want to stop please release the full sources.
    EDIT: I just noticed that I posted in the wrong section, this should be in nfetools's suggestions and there is even already a thread about it. Sorry my first post and I already made mistakes.. This can be deleted.
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