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    We really appreciate our users and want to explain the big pause between the releases.
    Atm we are working on the new firmware - firmware for the color screen devices like Wismec Ravage230 and Joyetech Espion.
    Everything goes not as smoothly as we would like, but we overcome problems one by one. There are a lot of things that have to be reinvented and done from scratch, to make our firmware is much better and faster than the original one (of course with all AF features ^_^)

    We hope for your patience and that we will not disappoint you.

    In the meantime, we provide for your review a small release of the AF and NFE Tools.

    Minimum required ArcticFox version: [P11] ArcticFox 180227

    ArcticFox Configuration

    • Added support for Elitar Pipe layout configuration;
    • Added support for Elitar Pipe logo editing;

    • Updated Czech language pack (thanks to Jerryn);
    • Hungarian Language Pack (thanks to András Botta);

    Device recognition:
    • Added recognition for the following devices:
      • Joyetech Elitar Pipe;
      • Eleaf iStick Pico 21700;
      • Wismec Reuleaux RX2 21700;
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Not open for further replies.