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    Howdy, I am a programmer and engineer, and I've been dreaming of some features.

    1.) Smart PI Regulation.
    Its really difficult to dial in the pi settings. If you could make a system that would automatically adjust the pi variables based on the coils response to input that would be really amazing.

    2.) Temperature exceeded display
    I have one wax coil I use which has a really high thermal capacity, and its kind of annoying when if I use 60s autofire and it exceeds the set temperature, the temp display will simply say "max". Sometimes if my settings arent perfect or the coil resistance isnt set properly, the coil can get as hot as 1000f after 60s. So maybe once the set temp is reached it could change color instead of say max? as an option? I currently have the top right menu as live temp, but its kind of hard to notice with everything else on the screen. Or maybe a global max temp cutoff.

    3.) Voltage regulation mode.
    I think voltage regulation is ideal for certain coils such as ss316l, as opposed to wattage mode. This is a moot point. Regardless, There are certain situations when testing a coil or coils where this might be preferred. Especially if you don't know what kind of material it is.

    This is my first post here, I am running a Ravage230 with RedPanda 200713. That's supposed to be a beta version I think... Is there any newer version around? also got the menu colors and logo programs.

    I really appreciate all the work, this vape has been life changing for me honestly. I've had dozens of mods with garbage software.
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    If you're using VariWatt mode, open main menu on your Ravage, go to current profile submenu and switch Dominant option from wattage to voltage. This function is not implemented in PC Configurator.
    This is the latest stable build, just not published as release.
    When the box goes to the protection state ("MAX" instead of temperature value), often it can not measure coil resistanse (and calculate coil temperature) precisely due to power drop. You can see charts spikes in Device Monitor in this state. We still decided to abandon the idea of always showing the temperature, as incorrect values are annoying and misleading :)
    Yes, we have already been suggested to do this in a pair of box + PC, but... for some reason there is always not enough time, and there are more important problems. Maybe, some day :)
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