Wismec reuleaux rx2/3 overheating

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    Hello! I just purchased a Wismec reuleaux rx2/3 and I have been experiencing extremely high board temperatures and a "device too hot" message after firing the device for about 30 seconds in TC mode(using auto fire). My settings are set to TC-Ni 350f 33w, I'm running the latest firmware (190624), and my hardware version is 1.02. I'v spoken to 2 other people who are experiencing the same issue with their rx2/3 running Arctic Fox, and the problem goes away for the most part when the mod is run with only 2 batteries, as opposed to 3. The source of the heat is the MCU under the LCD screen. I applied a thermal pad to the MCU and can now fire the device for a full 60 second cycle, however the board temperature still reaches 152f. How concerned should I be? Will repeated use at these temperatures cause significant damage to the device?

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