Wismec reuleaux rx2/3 overheating

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    Hello! I just purchased a Wismec reuleaux rx2/3 and I have been experiencing extremely high board temperatures and a "device too hot" message after firing the device for about 30 seconds in TC mode(using auto fire). My settings are set to TC-Ni 350f 33w, I'm running the latest firmware (190624), and my hardware version is 1.02. I'v spoken to 2 other people who are experiencing the same issue with their rx2/3 running Arctic Fox, and the problem goes away for the most part when the mod is run with only 2 batteries, as opposed to 3. The source of the heat is the MCU under the LCD screen. I applied a thermal pad to the MCU and can now fire the device for a full 60 second cycle, however the board temperature still reaches 152f. How concerned should I be? Will repeated use at these temperatures cause significant damage to the device?

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    I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but that mod simply gets hot no matter what firmware you run it on. I heard from several people who own it, that the screen area can sometimes get too hot to hold, and it seems the biggest causes are two design problems. The ventilation of the PCB and the chip is not adequate to cool them down enough when you're passing current from 3 batteries through them, and the material it's made of too slowly and too poorly dissipates heat. It's this model's flaw. Like the previous versions of that mod, which were known for spontaneously launching their 510 pins into the air without any warning signs. That is why I bought the RX GEN 3 Dual. Other than that battery lid, and the too narrow battery space in the mod, it has no other major issues. It is actually a really good mod. Also, on it, at high wattage, the screen can get a little warmer than on the majority of the other mods out there (230W is a lot of power), but it's not heating up even close to the level the triple battery mod does.
    Sorry, but that is the mods flaw. When you are holding three working 100W light bulbs in your hand, heat is expected.
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