Wismec SINUOUS RAVAGE230 dying

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    Hi there,

    about a year ago i baught a Wismec SINOUS RAVAGE230 from a local store cause i wanted a lighter version of my WISMEC Reuleaux RX GEN3 Tripple and thought hey .. color display is nice to have.

    Recently - about a week ago - my ravage230 died after a year or so.

    I experienced the folowing symptoms:
    * Device would not turn off via 5 button click.
    * Fireing via main fire button would sometimes cause permanent fire until battery is removed. The heat produced during this autofire would scare the shit out of me so i did this really quick.

    (The device was very worn so the color on the bumper is worn off and i believe it is metal).
    Just holding the device and firmly holding my thumb on the bumper would trigger auto fire.

    I had installed an older Firmware - 1904xx something i believe - and upgraded before to RedPanda 190624.

    But ... before i continue i do not belive this has anything to do with the firmware since i opened up the device after getting a replacement which i just baught new from the same store.

    I flashed the new device to 190624 after one day of usage since i wanted to rule out anything else. After a day or so of normal usage same sympthoms showed up.

    Device was dead again after two days. I got a replacement (same model from same store). Flahed to 190624 and device died today after 5 days of usage.

    I had the second device charged via front usb connector as i did with my first device if this matters in any case.

    The third device i only charged external but left batteries always inside over night. Which i did all the time with my long running first device too (~ about a year and a half usage without issues).

    One thing to note: As i checked the display today morning the batteries where totally empty. I believe i had around 60 % left before i turned it off so something went wrong during night. Fresh batteries inserted no problems over day until now.

    I also watched out for any liquid leakage .. which i never really cared with my first device... I use a Vapor Giant Extreme btw.

    When i flash back to original firmware the device would instantly set its Wattage to 70 W and fire continiously without stopping - at least i didnt try to let it run longer than 5 seconds.

    With RedPanda Firmware Wattage didnt jump according to display but seeing how much vape was produced i believe it jumped too but didnt display. I sometimes can stop auto fire when i press the button again. Then autofire would stop. But still cant turn off device.

    Also when second device was dead it would not turn on after a while so i pressed the left minus button for couple of seconds and magically the device booted. Longer than usual but it displayed. With stock second device was just dead after couple of tries.

    Im writing this not to blame the firmware - as i said i think this has something to do with faulty hardware and other opinions - im in search for help. Maybe a dev or someone can tell me what the issue could be here?

    I even opened up my first device .. saw some liquid on the back panel but nothing else. Cleaned it up with 70% Isopropyl but couldnt see anything suspicious with naked eyes. But this didnt change anything after re-assembly.

    No burned chips. No nothing ... I suspect there must be some short somewhere since with all three devices they would fire if i hold the device in my hand and firmly holding my thumb against the main fire button.

    With no atomizer connected it would also randomly trigger "No Atomizer found" message which triggers very quickly and then stops for a while before it does display again as if someone would press the button.

    Thanks for reading and i hope to get some feedback.

    Best wishes,
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    Just from the symptoms - replace the fire button.
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    A while ago I disassembled the first device that was broken after it did its job for about half a year or so including removing the whole board from the top socket. Turned out the button was totally fine. But one smd part in the upper left corner which looked to me like that this would be the controller for the button was totally corroded / looked damaged.

    Judging the design of this decice i suspect that if the seal (where the pin is located) is of bad quality or just lets liquid through for whatever reason liquid would find its way to the said section. Ironically there is a metal pipe that leads from the top connector to this part of the board.

    If anyone is intereseted i can post pictures. Cleaning will probably not help since first i would need to find the correct thermally conductive paste which probably costs more than the device itself. Didnt bother since i now had three of them all with the same symthoms. Some earlier some later. As i wrote - second device broke after two days, third after 6 or so.